Magic the Gathering Card Sets For Sale (Abbotsford)

I have the following Magic The Gathering card sets for sale. Buyer picks up from the Mill Lake area. Make an offer, but bear in mind that I will be consulting online sites such as mtgtraders/ebay to evaluate your offer (so low-balls will be ignored). If you quote me from an alternate source I will take the time to verify it and decide if your offer has merit.

Complete or Near Complete Sets:
*All sets are generally in excellent or better condition, some sets may include a few random foils.

4 Innistrad Nearly Complete Sets (missing burning vengeance)

4 Scars of Mirrodin Complete Sets
4 Mirrodin Beseiged Complete Sets
4 New Phyrexia Complete Sets

4 Zendikar Complete Sets
4 Worldwake Complete Sets
4 Rise of the Eldrazi Complete Sets

4 Shards of Alara Cmplete Sets
4 Alara Reborn Complete Sets
4 Conflux Complete Sets

4 Lorwyn Complete Sets
4 Morningtide Complete Sets
4 Eventide Complete Sets
4 Shadowmoor Complete Sets

4 TimeSpiral Complete Sets
2 Timeshifted Complete Sets
4 Planar Chaos Complete Sets
2 Futuresight Complete Sets

1 Dissension

1 Champions of Kamigawa Complete Set
4 Saviors of Kamigawa Complete Sets
1 Betrayers of Kamigawa Complete Set

2 Mirroduin Complete Sets
2 Mirroduin Nearly Complete Sets (missing Gilded Lotus)
1 Darksteel Complete Set (plus many extra singles)
3 Fifth Dawn Nearly Complete Sets (missing wayfarers bauble)

4 Onslaught Complete Sets
3 Legions

4 Torment
2 Judgement

4 Invasion Complete Sets

3 Prophecy
4 Nemesis

1 Urza's Saga Complete Set
1 Urza's Saga Set (Missing Basic Land, Darkest Hour, Humble, Midsummer Revel, Exploration, Child of Gaea, Fluctuator,
Opal Archangel, remembrance, Rumbling Creshendo, Stroke of Genius, Sulphuric Vapours )
1 Urza's Legacy Complete Set
1 Urza's Destiny Set (Missing Storage Matrix but a few extra random uncommons)

1 Tempest (missing Bounty Hunter, Meditate, Mirri's Guile, Canyon Drake, Escaped Shapeshifter, Mawcor, Sarcomancy,
Scroll Rack, Gerrard's BattleCry, Salt Flats, Scalding Tongs, Basic Land)
1 Stronghold
1 Stronghold (missing: Pursuit of Knowledge, Mogg Ingestation)
1 Exodus

1 Visions
1 Visons (missing: Kookus, Ogre Enforcer, Guiding Spirit, Necrosavant)
2 Mirage

4 Homelands Complete Sets
3 Ice Age Complete Set
1 Ice Age Set (Missing Mind Whip, Natures Lore, Kjeldoran Skycaptain, Staff of Ages, Some Basic Land and Snow Covered Land)
3 Fallen Empires Sets

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