Rebuilt/Refurbished 4L60E - $1,500 (Mission)

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: GM
model name / number: 4L60E
Rebuilt/Refurbished 4L60E transmission.

The rebuild included:

-All new frictions, steels and a new wide band
-New clutch pistons
-All new bushings and seals (all of them, not just the few the “standard” kit supplies)
-I have the tool to replace the teflon seals without having to cut them. Some shadetree mechanics either don't replace them or they scarf cut them for installation to avoid having to buy the special tool. This trans has them installed properly.
-Upgraded to torlon balls and a repaired separator plate.
-The valve body was repaired the professional way with Sonnax reamers and sleeves.
-New aftermarket pan with a drain plug.

I have a vacuum testing jig similar to the Sonnax unit. I assembled it myself with some improvements. I was able to vac-test the valve body and have, and can supply, the results. The only real problem was the PWM valve and I reamed and sleeved it with the Sonnax tools. It now reads like new.

Here's the deal. I'm looking to make some $$ to offset what I spent on specialty tools to do these rebuilds. I bought all the specialty tools and rebuilt one that I put in my GMC Envoy and it's working great (towed the trailer through the mountains and all over BC and Alberta.) So I took a second core and did it all over again and once I've sold a few rebuilds I'll have covered my tool expenses.

This particular 4L60E was a running, working transmission when I pulled it out of my Envoy (to install the first unit I had rebuilt). It had not failed and there were no metal filings in the pan. The trick to keeping the cost of transmission rebuilding lower is to pull them before something fails. (around 225-250k kms)


I'm looking for $1500 for an outright sale including the original torque converter.

I purchased a used 4l60E from Empire a few years ago and it was $1000 then and that was for a used unit. I also see guys on Craigslist selling rebuilts for $1495USD and requiring a trade in.

I spent about 18 hours on the rebuild and about $900 in parts.

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