Lead vocalist for Retired Bass and Lead Guitar (Vancouver)

First of all, our practice spot is free and it’s on 1 acre in West Abbotsford, near Mount Lehman in the one Freeway . So I like a heavier guitar sound and I mostly play 60s and 70s and 80s stuff with a few newer songs.. I do lead vocals, but we are looking for a singer that’s better than I am where we can do songs that we can’t do now. It would be great if you wouldn’t mind doing harmony vocals on songs that I sing ….that would be very cool. We do stuff like cat, scratch, fever, breaking the law, rocking in the free world, Rock ‘n’ roll radio, the Ramones. We’re open with where we go with new material that you would want to sing. We like rhythm and blues right through to Judas Priest. One of us does 420 and both of us drink at practice. come on out and we’ll do some cool harmony vocals and get tight and be a good fun band and do occasional gigs . we downtune for some songs right now a full step to make it easier to sing some of the harder stuff. right now, we are three piece with a pretty good size repertoire, but the drummer is leaving the band and needs to be replaced. this is about fun and camaraderie and about playing some good music and doing the occasional gig. We’re not looking for a second income. Come on out and let’s have some fun. We have a practice spot on 1 acre of land with full PA lights and monitor system, which is very cool and it is free
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Songs hopefully you wouldn’t mind doing that we know right now
twisted Sister- we’re not gonna take it
Groove machine- Kings X
Headstones-it’s all over
Bad Company- Bad Company
Rebel yell-Billy Idol
White wedding-Billy Idol
Beastie Boys- fight for your right
The Doors-roadhouse blues
The Standells-dirty water
Dwight Yoakam- fast as you
Green eyed lady-Sugarloaf
Don’t call us we’ll call you- Sugarloaf

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