Welles Cold press juicer - $95 (Maple Ridge East)

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condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Samson Brands
model name / number: WELLES
size / dimensions: 9”x9”x14”
If you are impressed with the Norwalk Juicer and trust in the juice quality pressed using the Norwalk Juicer but cannot afford it, you might be happy to know that there is a much cheaper alternative in the Samson Welles Juice Press (a.k.a. the Welles Peoples Press).

Quick info: https://www.plantbasedpros.com/product/welles-juice-press/

However, unlike the Norwalk Juicer, the Welles Juice Press only does pressing and does not have an in-built cutter grinder as in the Stage 1 process required in the Norwalk Press Juicer.

As you can see in the picture below, the Welles Juice Press is really a very simple little machine, nothing fancy. It doesn’t even pretend to look pretty. 🙂 But you’ll be surprised with the strength of the machine (about two-ton pressing capability).

Pulp Is Bone Dry

The feedback I hear from satisfied users about this juice press are very positive. After pressing, the pulp is bone dry. Users are happy with the high juice yield, getting every possible drop from the pulp.

The instruction book that comes with the Welles Juice Press specifically mentioned that this press is to be used in conjunction with another juicer. This is especially so when juicing for Gerson Therapy.

It is possible to press soft fruits without running them through a juicer first, e.g. grapes, pomegranates, tomatoes. I suggest if you want to do this, put them in together with other produce that have been run through a juicer in order to get the most of the press.

High Juice Quality

The method of juice extraction by hydraulic pressing allows almost no mixing of air with the juices. This minimizes oxidation of the juices, preventing it from spoiling quickly. And because all the enzymes and nutrients that make a produce whole, have been extracted into the juice, they all work together to preserve the stability of the juices.

Juices extracted using a press juicer may be kept for up to 3 days, filled to the brim in airtight opaque containers, and stored in the refrigerator.

The quality of the juices, because they are whole and complete, is really outstanding and unequalled. The juice has no foam, highly concentrated, rich in its natural color, tastes very sweet and is highly satisfying. Exactly how fresh juices should be!

Weighs approximately 26 lbs

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