Golden Sentinel columnar apple- great for decks - $65 (maple ridge)

Golden Sentinel columnar apple- great for decks 1 thumbnailGolden Sentinel columnar apple- great for decks 2 thumbnailGolden Sentinel columnar apple- great for decks 3 thumbnailGolden Sentinel columnar apple- great for decks 4 thumbnail
golden sentinel will grow 7 feet tall by only 18 inches wide. They do well in the ground or in containers. Super winter hardy with no spraying or pruning- a low low maintenance fruit tree,

Sweet and juicy like a gala or honeycrisp apple!

Sold in 2 gallon pots with a colourful plastic care tag.

Now getting leaves on plants shown in the last photo.

Pick up in east Maple ridge( 280th street area). No deliveries or shipping

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