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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Luxor Health
model name / number: A Series

These chairs have incredible and unique features not found with other chairs in the industry, for example. 4 double roller 3D massager hands that reverse to massage in both Clockwise and Counterclockwise directions, this massages your back muscles into and away from your spine. Kneading calves massager, behind calves roller massage, triple foot roller with enclosed foot with airbags above the feet to give a better foot massage, voice control, SL track to travel from your neck down to past the buttocks and much, much more.

(Retails at $7,000.00 and we only have 3 left at this price, reduced by $1,000.00 below our $3,779.00 Wholesale Direct Price)


(Right now at $1000 below our Wholesale Direct price now only $2,779.00 when you add our incredible 5 Year Extended Warranty, normally $689.00 on for only $479.00 for a limited time). MSRP $7,000.00
(PAY HALF the taxes when paying in CASH)

(Home curb delivery only $149.00 to most locations)

This chair comes FULLY ASSEMBLED in the box, just open it up, plug it in and you are ready to enjoy.

Check Out some of the Incredible and Unique Features listed below our New Luxor Health A Series chair compared to others in the industry, this chair has features you will not find in other chairs in the industry.

We are the only company we know of that is a retail store supplier and sells at the same wholesale prices directly to the public, we also offer one of if not the best 5 Year Extended Warranties out there even covering parts for Life after Warranty at cost including cosmetics from the day you purchase the chair. We work with Hotels, Fitness centers, Doctors, Chiropractors and Wellness centers along with customers helping show our products and have some of our own showrooms across Canada.

A SERIES MASSAGE CHAIR FEATURES (For other models please just ask)

1) SL-Track back massager that massages from neck and shoulders down to under the buttocks and to your thighs, most only go under the buttocks.
2) 3D Clockwise and Counterclockwise Kneading Back Massager, most only travel in one direction as these are reversible so each set of massage hands can massage rotating in towards the spine and then they can be reversed to massage away from the spine. (A VERY UNIQUE AND GREAT FEATURE).
3) Enclosed Front Foot with airbags above the top that press down to intensify the Foot and Toes Roller Massage. (VERY UNIQUE AND GREAT FEATURE).
4) Rotating Center Between the Calves to give a much deeper calves massage while Kneading the Muscles, most out there the center is stable and not moving. (VERY UNIQUE AND GREAT FEATURE).
5) Behind the Calves Rolling Massager to give a Great Calves Massage as most have nothing or just air bags, (VERY UNIQUE AND GREAT FEATURE).
6) Triple Foot Roller System that Massages the Heel, Arch and Toes as most have a single or double roller or airbag massage. (INCREDIBLE FOOT MASSAGE)
7) Behind the Heel Air Massager.
8) Massage hands with 4 sets of double rollers as most have 2 or 4 single rollers.
9) Rolling base that allows you to keep the chair just over 5 centimeters from the wall
10) Intelligent Voice Control System for hands free use
11) Smart Body Scan
12) Infrared Heat Therapy for the Back
13) Bluetooth Music with Built in Speakers
14) Duel Zero Gravity Positions
15) Three Memory Programs
16) Built in USB Charger
17) Controller and Phone Holder
18) Colorful LED Lights
19) Upgraded Higher Quality PU Leather

(If you would like info on any other models please just ask)

Two-Year Warranty on all electrical and mechanical components.

Optional Purchase: 5 Year Extended Warranty on all electrical and mechanical components. If requested at the time of purchase, warranty is available for $479.00 (Regular $689.00). The Extended Warranty includes:
All defective or broken electrical or mechanical parts will be replaced for the first five years. After five years, you get these same parts at our cost for life so we make no profits (plus delivery, taxes and pickup is free where available).
1 year free in shop labor on repairs (does not include delivery costs, if required).
Service technicians are available in most cities across Canada and the USA.
Option to buy and replace a brand new complete massage unit for your chair with all motors, gear reducers, boards and massage hands for only $399.00 (Regular price Direct $599.00; MSRP $1,000.00). We are the only company we know of that offers this.
With the Extended Warranty you also get cosmetic parts at cost for life, for all worn or damaged exterior parts, from the moment you buy the chair.

The importing company is considered the manufacturer so dealing directly with the importer/seller is always the best option and offers the lowest prices possible, when buying from any online reseller selling other companies branded products they are marking up their % on top of their purchase price for profits. It is also very important to consider when dealing with warranty, service and parts costs with a reseller as all is normally provided from the Branded company and not the reseller, we at Luxor Health offer after warranty parts at cost so zero markup for life. We are the only company we know of out there that makes this offer.

What a lot of buyers do not realize is when you buy from all the top online retail companies they charge the sellers outrageous fees for having an account, paying for each time someone clicks on your ads and the very high % of fees for each completed sale. So you may think you are getting the best deal but you are not because all the fees force the sellers to raise their prices to cover all these costs.

The prices are set by the seller and not the wholesale warehouse company as they just make their % based on the set price, they have good return policies but it is no skin off their teeth and the fact is once you buy it you are still dealing with the manufacturer of the product and not the wholesale outlet.

If you think paying full retail price at a store provides any added value, here is some food for thought…
We provide our brand named massage chairs at the same wholesale price to both individuals and retailers, so ordering directly from us ensures you the best price possible.
With the Extended Warranty, we provide our customers with the unique opportunity to buy parts from us, the supplier, at cost for life. This includes electrical, mechanical and cosmetic parts throughout the chair. This is impossible to get from any store as they need to make a profit on all service and parts.
As a brand name supply company, we have been fully involved with the manufacturing of these chairs from the very beginning. We provide crucial input for both improvements in quality and reliability, so you can expect the best quality products at the lowest prices buying from us directly.

PICK UP is free at one of our showroom locations (stock dependent).
FOUR DELIVERY OPTIONS are available for a fee based on postal code and type of delivery:
Business delivery (with our power tailgate to lower chair to the ground).
Business delivery discounted if there is an available loading dock or forklift for offloading.
Direct to door delivery.
In home delivery where the chair is unpackaged and all packaging materials taken away.
(If you would like a delivery quote, please provide your postal code and specify if you are a residential delivery or business with a loading dock or forklift).

We have been in the business of importing and distributing for over 17 years. In 2009 we decided to establish Luxor Health, with the dream of offering high end quality products at wholesale and below wholesale backorder discount prices (including parts and service repairs) sold directly to the public at the same prices we supply retailers. We are the only company we know of out there offering this.
At Luxor Health we are proud to provide products that we have had our own engineering input added in the manufacturing process along with our personal upgrades and we offer the lowest prices out there period, we believe in our brand named high end massage chairs and in the quality of multi level services that we offer to our customers.

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