RARE ELECTRA 3 speed cruiser Pearl White, top model - $399 (Abbotsford)

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bicycle type: cruiser
frame size: 17 in
wheel size: 26 in
bicycle frame material: alloy
brake type: coaster
condition: like new
The ELECTRA "The Betty", is the ultimate 3 speed Comfort bike for cruising or commuting. It is the top model made by ELECTRA and features only the best of components. The paint on the ELECTRA is Pearl white, that truly sparkles under the sun. One of the nicest features of the ELECTRA is the ease of use. All of the components are designed for maintenance free riding.

This is a very rare top-of-the-line 3-speed Electra using the top-of-the-line Shimano Nexus shifting system. The Shimano Nexus internal hub system is often used on high-end touring bikes as it is a trouble-free system. The chain never needs adjusting and will not wear as the chain is never switched over gears as there is no derailleur. You will not need costly $79 tune-ups to keep your bike in tune!

The 3 speed Shimano Nexus provides an extremely low first gear for conquering any hill, a middle gear for beach cruising, and a high 3rd gear for effortless pedaling on the flats. The Shimano Nexus 3-speed also can be shifted at any time, even when the bike is not being pedaled. This is very handy when you come to a stop as you can shift in low gear at any time. You can not do that with a common derailleur shifting bike.

The Electra also has fully adjustable handlebars that can custom fit the bike to the rider's size or riding preference. Even their handlebars are triple chrome plated to prevent any rust. The handlebar stem is aluminum and is also adjustable allowing for another 5 inches of travel. It is the ideal comfort bike as the bike can be set up to ride sitting upright. With the handlebars lowered it makes for an excellent commuter bike.

The Electra bike has moved the pedals about 6 inches forward where they would normally be. The reason for this is described as FLAT FOOT TECHNOLOGY. It allows the rider to put their feet flat on the ground and still be able to ride comfortable. The crank pedal is no longer below the seat but forward. (You can see it in the pic). This allows the rider to put their feet flat on the ground, yet when pedaling the rider is able to stretch their leg completely out. This is a real advantage any time you stop on a bike and need to put your feet down. It also is a more comfortable position for pedaling.

The ELECTRA has the most comfortable seat. It has triple layers of foam and is super wide for a very comfortable ride. It is extra wide and is supported on two large chrome springs that absorb and cushion any bumps from transferring through to the rider. it is like sitting on a comfy lazy boy chair! It is covered in a weatherproof covering..

The ELECTRA comfort is a step-through bike. The step-through makes mounting and dismounting the bike extremely easy and safe. When stopping on the bike the rider only has to step forward.

The ELECTRA bike has a 17-inch frame. with a very long seat post to accommodate a shorter or taller rider. WIth the handlebars also adjustable it can be custom fit to various size riders.

The ELECTRA Comfort bike features a rear coaster brake. If you have any mobility issues with your hand or fingers i you will appreciate the safety and ease of braking with a coaster brake. The bike will literally stop on a dime! The other nice features is there are not cables, levers or brake pads that will ever need to be adjusted or replace. To stop the bike you merely push backwards on the pedal.

The ELECTRA bike is also longer than a traditional women's bike. The longer wheelbase results in an incredibly smooth ride with the longer wheelbase. The bike is also more stable when cruising. It is the ideal commuter bike, recreational bike, or fun bike to ride around Stanley park or one of the Dike trails.

The ELECTRA bike features 26 inch balloon style tires. The width of the tire provides a cushioning effect when riding. The wider balloon style tires absorb any imperfections in the road making for a very smooth and non jarring ride. The bike also features very special tires with a hotrod flame style tread matching the emblem on the bike. The theme is also carried through to the handgrips and seat, which has a matching embossed flame, The bike also features front and back factory Electra metal fenders.

The Bike also features stainless steel spokes. These are not used in other cruisers due to the cost, but provide two very important benefits.
1. The spoke will never tarnish or loose their shiny luster. The bike wheels will always sparkle.
2. They will never rust. On almost all cruisers, steel spokes are generally used and the steel spokes will quickly rust by the nipple on the rim. If the wheel ever needs to be trued the rust on the nipple will result in the spoke being broken. Replacing a spoke can result in an expensive repair.

The ELECTRA Comfort bike is the ultimate cruiser and will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. It is the ideal bike as the shifting system is maintenance-free. The coaster brake also will not need constant adjustments and you will not need to worry about having cables replaced.

The bike has only been ridden a couple of times by our granddaughter and is still in showroom condition. It is suitable for a male or female rider as the step-through design makes mounting and dismounting the bike so much easier and safer.

The Electra bikes are investments that will continue to hold their value. The Step-through design can be ridden by a male or female.

The bike has never been stored outside and has always been in a garage.

You are welcome to come and take the bike for a ride to experience the comfort and convenience of riding sitting upright,

Can assist with delivery if needed.

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