Large GIANT, 24sp, light aluminum, - $239 (Abbotsford)

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bicycle type: mountain
frame size: 21 in
wheel size: 26 in
bicycle frame material: aluminum
brake type: v-brakes
condition: like new
This is a GIANT Rincon 24 speed light weight aluminum bike. It has seldom been used and has always been kept in heated storage. GIANT bikes are designed and build to provide a lifetime of trouble free riding. Every component on a GIANT bike is a name brand high quality component. You will not find any cheap generic Chinese parts ever used on a GIANT. Giant bikes are also only sold as select bike stores to ensure the quality of their set up and bike assembly is consistent. You will never find a Giant bike sold in a department store.

The GIANT bike is a multi-purpose bike as it can take on any off-road terrain, and also can be used as an excellent road or city bike.

The Giant Rincon bike has a 21-inch aluminum frame. The frame is lightweight aircraft aluminum. It makes it very easy to load and unload and pedaling is extremely easy due to its lightweight. On the road or trail, the handling is superb due to its lightweight. Having an aluminum frame also means the frame will never rust.

The seat on the Giant is still as new, and is comprised of several different layers of foam and gel for a very comfortable ride. it is also covered in a weatherproof covering.

The pedal or crank arms are Top quality Shimano ALTUS units made of aluminum, not plastic painted to look like metal as many bikes now are. The pedals are lightweight cast aluminum that will not crack and wear down as the plastic pedals do, or rust as the steel pedals will. .

The 26-inch wheels are made of aluminum which are super light yet strong. The Giant has 26-inch all terrain tires that are wider that a regular bike. This provides outstanding traction when used off road, and on pavement the wider tires flexes and absorbs any imperfections in the road. This is a super comfortable bike to ride.

The Giant bike features top-quality ALUMINUM Suntour SR shocks. These top quality shocks provide outstanding dampening offroad. On Pavement the shocks prevent vibrations from small imperfections in the road from being transferred through to the rider. Shocks also protect the bike and the rider. If a pothole or obstacle is hit, the shock absorbs the impact, preventing damage to the wheel. Shocks can protect the rider from being thrown from the bike by absorbing or dampening any impact.

The GIANT Rincon bike components are all top-of-the-line Shimano. The Giant uses a top-of-the-line aluminum Shimano ACERA Derailleur that has a larger bottom sprocket that guides the chain onto the gear and provides precise and quiet shifts. There are no plastic parts on the derailleur as the lower Shimano models have. A quality Shimano ACERA Derailleur will also allow the bike to stay in tune, so it will not require constant $79 tune-ups.

The bike features 24gears, with a super low 1st gear (Mega Gear) to conquer any hill and a high 24th high gear for effortless pedaling on the flats. The bike features Shimano EZ fire shifters. The Shimano EZ Fire Shifters provide instant shift and prevent the rider from ever missing a shift.

The Giant uses Aluminum TEKTRO linear pull V-brakes for superior stopping in wet or dry conditions. It also features GIANT's patented ABS system to help to prevent the front wheel from locking up if the front wheel brake is suddenly applied.

You are welcome to come and take the GIANT bike for a ride and experience the handling and performance of a top-quality bike.

May be able to assist with delivery.

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