Method of Saving Any Dying Tree, Speed Growth by 3X - $175 (For use anywhere)

Food costs are going up, up, up. This is a tool to increase food-production for farmers with fruit orchards, homeowners with fruit trees.

Millions of olive trees, including thousand year old ones, are dying in Europe. There is a disease called Xylella fastidiosa affecting them.

Southern Europe Could Lose $22 Billion Fighting Deadly Olive Tree Disease : NPR


My gifted students in Ontario discovered a way of saving dying trees. One of them, nicknamed "Mark Of The Trees", got recognition from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Scotland. Then, circa 2007, my Vancouver Gadgeteers group received front page coverage for the use of electronics to enhance that tree-saving method, by amplifying the earth's magnetism.

The same method also increases tree growth by 3X approximately. See this video where I lived in Ontario. See how much bigger it is compared to the rest of the city trees in the same street.

Furthermore, because my tree treatment process will improve the soil chemistry, break up compacted {clay} soil, and actually redirect roots downward, and reduce watering requirements dramatically, we will all benefit.

I would like to see this knowledge put to good use. Are you called to this role by the Universe, as I was? This METHOD/INFORMATION is for sale by bidding.

Due to a recent adverse health condition, I am not able to pursue any interests, including my Moringa-growing operation. Last year, I was a Moringa seller in Vancouver. There are people waiting for Moringa, but I have stopped growing them.

Rob in Vancouver. That's me in the tractor in a goji farm in BC.

Phone or text only 6 0 4 - 5 1 2 - 9 5 6 7 or phone me toll-free, using the Viber app to this same number.

P.S. I do not read emails regularly.

God bless. Life everyday as if its the last day of your life. Have the best day ever!

Due to a knee injury, I have started selling my Paw Paw, and Egyptian Walking Onions. I am also selling my stock of aphrodisiac plants - Used by First Nations historically. Did you know that shark fins are killed because they are a "Viagra" from nature? Here is a plant that offers the same effect. Might save sharks, if available widely.

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About benefits of eating organic Tibetian/Tibetan goji berries

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